Introduction to Houston Child Visitation Rights

Provided by a Houston Visitation Rights Attorney

Image of Child CustodyDuring a divorce case, a custodial parent is often named. This parent has primary custody of the child. The non-custodial parent may be granted visitation rights. These visitation rights are subject to approval by the divorce court and depend upon the individual circumstances of both parents. The assistance of a professional Houston visitation rights attorney can help guide a parent in decisions regarding their child visitation rights.

Child visitation rights can be limited by the divorce court if one or both of the parents pose a threat to the child. If the non-custodial parent is abusive or negligent of the children, a petition can be filed with the court by the custodial parent to limit child visitation rights. If the court grants the petition, the time the parent is allowed to spend with the child may be limited, or supervised visits may be imposed. A supervised visit requires that a third-party monitor the visit at all times. If the court determines that the parent poses an extreme danger, child visitation rights may be denied.

If the custodial parent hinders the child visitation rights of the non-custodial parent, an order can be sought to compel the custodial parent to comply with the child visitation rights. The court can also fine or otherwise penalize the custodial parent. If the custodial parent interferes with child visitation rights in an extreme way, the court may determine that jail time is necessary.

At the law firm of John K. Grubb and Associates, Houston visitation rights attorney John K. Grubb has extensive experience assisting parents with child visitation rights. Contact a Houston child visitation rights lawyer to discuss your individual situation with a qualified and sensitive legal professional.

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