What Happens When One Parent Kidnaps My Child?

Let our Houston Visitation Rights Lawyer Help!

Image of Vehicle TrafficIf you have ever been in a situation where you do not know where your child is, you understand how scary it can be. Knowing that the other parent has taken that child away without word is equally as scary. If you have been a victim of parental kidnapping, you should speak with a qualified Houston visitation rights attorney today.

Though we do not like to admit it, parental kidnapping does occur frequently throughout the United States. Parental kidnapping is the abduction and/or concealment of a child by one parent without the approval of the other parent. Individuals who are looking to find a child that they believe has been kidnapped have a few options. If one parent refuses to return a child, the other may seek help under the Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act. A Houston family law lawyer can explain what exactly this Act does and how it can help you with the retrieval of your child.

In the case of kidnapping, a parent can also work with a Houston visitation rights attorney to develop a court case. If the “kidnapping” parent does not have custody or visitation of the child at the time of kidnapping, a court case can help to ensure that the child comes back to the proper home.

To learn more about what to do in the case of parental kidnapping, contact a Houston visitation rights lawyer at John K. Grubb & Associates, P.C. today.

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