Our Houston Child Visitation Rights Attorney Represents Parents and Grandparents

For most parents facing divorce, the most important issues are child custody and visitation. Children require stability in their daily lives; therefore, courts will generally appoint one parent as the primary physical custodian and allow the other to have liberal visitation rights. In certain situations, a parent may seek to restrict the visitation of the other or may violate a set visitation order by not allowing access to the child. Additionally, grandparents may petition a family court for visitation rights if the parents are divorced or if one parent is deceased. In any situation where child visitation is at issue, all parties need a qualified Houston child visitation rights attorney to protect their children and allow the children to maintain good relationships with loving and capable parents and grandparents.

Child Visitation Rights Overview

Why You Need an Attorney

Unless there is the potential for harm, children need access to both parents and must foster relationships with loving grandparents throughout their lives. If divorcing parents and grandparents cannot agree on matters of child custody and visitation, the family court will decide what is in the children’s best interests. Both parents and grandparents require a skilled family litigator when one parent is seeking to restrict or completely remove them from the lives of children. Representation in all matters of child custody and visitation is necessary from the very beginning, as once a court makes an initial determination, it can be difficult to modify or change the court order. Contact our Houston child visitation rights lawyer to advocate on your behalf on issues regarding custody and visitation.

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